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School Bus Tracking

It is high performance RFID integrated GPRS/Wi-Fi Walk-In Reader. It is designed on selfintellectual property. Based on proprietary efficient DSP algorithm, it supports fast tag read/write operation with high identification rate. It can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as access control, attendance and anti-counterfeit system.

Core Application Features (Fleet Manager)

  • Complete view of bus status
  • Current Location
  • Speed
  • Driver & Escort details
  • GPS & GPRS signals strength
Master Data Creation
  • Creation of routes ,stops and timings
  • Tag/modify driver & escort to routes
  • Tagging busses to routes
  • Tagging students to route and/or stop
  • Add pollution, fitness renewals &

Live Tracking

Can view the real time status and location of the vehicle

Route, Stop & Timings

Can view the past history of vehicle travelled in the route

Route History

Can view the past history of vehicle travelled in the route

Stop & School distance calculation

Fleet manager has an option to calculate the distance between the stop and school for billing purpose


Bus arrival/departure timings Pollution, fitness and renewal alerts 15 days prior
Geofence alerts
Over Speed
Harsh breaking/accelerator


Total KM travelled
Total running time of the vehicle
Total ideal time of the vehicle
Student’s attendance report
Over speed report
Harsh breaking/accelerator report

Core Mobile App Features


Parent registration using student ID


Parent can view ward’s route map

Live Tracking

Can view the real time status and location of the vehicle


Estimated arrival time to ward’s stop

Call Vehicle

Parent can call escort/fleet manager if required


core 1

School Management / Fleet Manager

  • Overall running time will be reduced
  • Unauthorized Bus usage will be reduced
  • Productivity increased
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Fuel consumption will be reduced
  • Driver behavior will be improved
  • Optimal routes and stops
  • Continuous, reliable tracking of the child*

  • core 1


  • Parents can locate the bus, and need not waste time waiting for the school bus to pickup or drop off the child.
  • Safety of child *
  • Other School Services

    CCTV in Bus

    We offers a choice of up to 2 standard or high-definition cameras with up to 1080p resolution for sharper images and better evidence.

    Hybrid technology offers the ultimate in flexibility, adding clarity where you need it and supporting existing cameras where you don’t.

    And unlike other hybrid systems on the market, HD cameras are simple to install, with no complicated programming.

    RFID / UHF

    Touch-based Reader System Students place a card onto the surface of this visibly mounted scanner. Typically mounted near the entrance, this solution provides visual confirmation an audible beep when a student RFID card is correctly read.

    Student ID Cards Cards with a unique number are issued to students to place on the RFID reader upon entering and exiting the bus. This unique number is transmitted via the cellular network and matching with student information after transmission, protecting student privacy.